N4L::Scribe Manuscript Annotation (Advanced)

Annotate a Manuscript

N4L::Scribe Document Annotation

This service allows you to upload any well-formed document for tagging by N4L::Scribe. Any bacterial or archaeal names that are recognized will be tagged with N4L Digital Object Identifiers (N4L-DOIs). A summary table will be displayed and you can download the tagged XML document.

Upload Document Select a well-formed document (ODT, DOC, DOCX and XML) from your local system.
Choose Annotation Mode

These features will include additional content into the annotated document.

The following summaries will be appended to the end of the annotated document:

These features are still in development and may undergo changes in the near future.

Optional. Specify any terms to ignore during annotation. Please separate terms by a semicolon (;).
Optional. If any terms are already tagged, specify which ones to re-annotate. Please separate terms by a semicolon (;).
Optional. Specify any publisher, journal or source to identify in the references. Please separate them by semicolon (e.g., "Stand Genomic Sci;Standards in Genomic Sciences").
Note: This requires the 'Include Comments' or 'Add Reference Search Summary' option to be checked below.
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