N4L::Scribe Manuscript Annotation

The Scribe is a manuscript annotation service that recognizes important terms in a document and embeds semantic links to authoritative resources.

We offer this service to publishers to automatically screen raw manuscripts (in Microsoft Word, OpenOffice or XML format) for adherence to a journal stylesheet, validate correct use of selected terminologies and nomenclatures, verify specific cited resources, summarize those resources in a standardized form to simplify "fact-checking" by editors/peer reviewers, embed persistent links into the manuscript that flow through into the published article and annotates factual errors that require review by editor/peer-reveiwer/author.

The service ensures consistency and completeness of each article and reduces time and effort for peer-reviewers and authors, who need only to check manuscripts for technical soundness. The service uses a simple drag and drop interface. Editors can select/deselect different terminologies, identifier classes and other research artifacts to check and link. The service returns a completely marked-up and annotated version, typically in less than one minute.

  • Validates document structure
  • Checks terminology usage
  • Verifies cited resources
  • Summarizes cited resources
  • Embeds persistent links
  • Annotates factual errors
  • Ensures consistency and thoroughness
  • Reduces editor/reviewer time and effort
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