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April 3, 2012 Belmont, Massachusetts

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Inera releases the eXtyles NamesforLife Linking module

NamesforLife, LLC, in partnership with Massachusetts-based Inera, Inc., has launched a new subscription service for academic publishers: the N4L Linking module for eXtyles. This module is based on the N4L Scribe semantic annotation service, which recognizes named entities in text and links them to authoritative resources, providing additional information about technical terms to reviewers and editors.

This service is designed to save editorial time and improve peer review by adding context and performing automatic fact-checking on terminology use.

The module is available as a subscription-based add-on to Inera’s eXtyles editorial software.

The eXtyles NamesforLife (N4L) Linking module is now available. N4L Linking automatically identifies biological names in Word documents (currently, validly published names of Bacteria and Archaea at all ranks, from domain to subspecies, as well as names for which a published genome exists; other terminologies are in the works) and provides DOI-based links to the N4L service.

eXtyles NamesforLife (N4L) Linking module Documentation (164kB PDF)

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