Name DOI
Nakamura and Crowell 1981
Name Status
Validly Published
Current Authority
Nakamura and Crowell 1981
Preferred Name
Taxonomic Rank
Nomenclatural Type
(designated strain)
Refer to the type exemplar.
Type Strain
representative organism
T (= = = = = = = = = =)
Proper Form
Lactobacillus amylophilus Nakamura and Crowell 1981
Nomenclatural History
The species Lactobacillus amylophilus was originally described by Nakamura and Crowell 1979. This name became validly published when it appeared on Validation List No. 6 in 1981. In 2020, Zheng et al. established as the basonym of (Nakamura and Crowell 1981) Zheng et al. 2020 .
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