Name DOI
Sorokin et al. 2021
Name Status
Not Validly Published, Illegitimate
Current Authority
Sorokin et al. 2021
Preferred Name
Taxonomic Rank
Nomenclatural Type
(genus on whose name the name of this taxon is based)
Sorokin et al. 2021
Proper Form
Incertae sedis 650 Sorokin et al. 2021
Nomenclatural History
The order Incertae sedis 650 was originally proposed by Sorokin et al. 2021.

"Incertae sedis" ("of uncertain placement") are placeholders and should not be considered to be formal names.
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This information was last reviewed on September 16, 2021.


  1. Sorokin DY, Diender M, Merkel AY, Koenen M, Bale NJ, Pabst M, Sinninghe Damsté JS, Sousa DZ. Natranaerofaba carboxydovora gen. nov., sp. nov., an extremely haloalkaliphilic CO-utilizing acetogen from a hypersaline soda lake representing a novel deep phylogenetic lineage in the class 'Natranaerobiia'. Environ Microbiol 2021; 23:3460-3476. [PubMed].