Name DOI
Yang et al. 2017
Name Status
Not Validly Published
Current Authority
Yang et al. 2017
Preferred Name
Taxonomic Rank
Nomenclatural Type
(genus on whose name the name of this taxon is based)
Yang et al. 2017
Proper Form
Aquichromatiaceae Yang et al. 2017
Nomenclatural History
The family Aquichromatiaceae was originally proposed by Yang et al. 2017.
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  1. Yang L, Tang L, Liu L, Salam N, Li W-J, Zhang Y. Aquichromatium aeriopus gen. nov., sp. nov., A Non-phototrophic Aerobic Chemoheterotrophic Bacterium, and Proposal of Aquichromatiaceae fam. nov. in the Order Chromatiales. Curr Microbiol 2017; 74:972-978. [PubMed].