Name DOI
Di Rienzi et al. 2013
Name Status
Not Validly Published
Current Authority
Di Rienzi et al. 2013
Preferred Name
Taxonomic Rank
Nomenclatural Type
(one of the contained orders)
Soo et al. 2015
Proper Form
Melainabacteria Di Rienzi et al. 2013
Nomenclatural History
The class Melainabacteria was originally proposed by Di Rienzi et al. 2013.
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  2. Di Rienzi SC, Sharon I, Wrighton KC, Koren O, Hug LA, Thomas BC, Goodrich JK, Bell JT, Spector TD, Banfield JF, Ley RE. The human gut and groundwater harbor non-photosynthetic bacteria belonging to a new candidate phylum sibling to Cyanobacteria. eLife 2013; 2:e01102-e01102. [PubMed].