Name DOI
Bauld et al. 1983
Name Status
Validly Published
Current Authority
Bauld et al. 1983
Preferred Name
Taxonomic Rank
Nomenclatural Type
(designated strain)
Refer to the type exemplar.
Type Strain
representative organism
T (= =)
Proper Form
Prosthecomicrobium litoralum Bauld et al. 1983
Nomenclatural History
The species Prosthecomicrobium litoralum was originally described and validly published by Bauld et al. 1983. In 2010, Yee et al. established as the basonym of (Bauld et al. 1983) Yee et al. 2010 emend. Hördt et al. 2020 .
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  1. Bauld J, Bigford R, Staley JT. Prosthecomicrobium litoralum, a new species from marine habitats. Int J Syst Bacteriol 1983; 33:613-617.
  2. Yee B, Oertli GE, Fuerst JA, Staley JT. Reclassification of the polyphyletic genus Prosthecomicrobium to form two novel genera, Vasilyevaea gen. nov. and Bauldia gen. nov. with four new combinations: Vasilyevaea enhydra comb. nov., Vasilyevaea mishustinii comb. nov., Bauldia consociata comb. nov. and Bauldia litoralis comb. nov. Int J Syst Evol Microbiol 2010; 60:2960-2966. [PubMed].